What is “PSIU PUXA”?

Psiu Puxa is a gallery where you can find the best wallpapers of space thematic for your desktop or mobile device.

Space agencies like NASA and ESA have provided many science missions to explore our universe. MRO, Hubble, Cassini–Huygens and others have returned a wealth of scientific data and terabytes of beautiful images.

Most of these images are archived and stored on missions’ servers. We find them, make retouching, improve quality and crop it to different sizes. So our goal is collect best photos from space missions and show them to you. In some way we try to popularize astronomy and cosmology through our wallpapers.


Psiu Puxa usually updates one time per week. We have gigabytes of beautiful images and we work hard to deliver them to you :)


We’d like to get a .zip archive with 4 images, description .txt file and link to original image. Also you will be added to contributors page, so provide some information about yourself, such as name, photo, website and short info about you. Pay attention that our wallpapers are based on the real images only.

Please, submit wallpapers to hello@psiupuxa.com and follow the guidelines below.

1. Images size:
    Desktop — 2560 × 1440 (JPG, quality-100%)
    Tablet — 2524 × 2524 (JPG, quality-100%)
    Phone — 1242 × 2208 (JPG, quality-100%)
    Preview — 750 × 422 (JPG, quality-60%)

2. Description:
    Title — Usually 10-80 symbols
    Text — You can write it by your own or get it on the mission’s website.

All original images are presented by:
547d825dd0db3b8058acab8d_nasa.png 547d828239b0bf7409a305d1_arizona.png 547d828cd0db3b8058acab91_esa.png 547d832bd0db3b8058acab97_hubble.png 547d83369e4d1e7609d4c35d_jpl.png